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Results just in: Championships

Congratulations to the winners and runners up of the three championship events that were completed this Waitangi weekend despite the weather making it a real challenge for us all.

For more results, see the results page on the site.

Women’s Pairs: Joan Scott/Carolyn Hunter were the winners and Doreen Ryan/Sue Curran runners up.

There were 6 teams entered; Joan and Carolyn were persuaded to enter so there would be no bye!

The format was a round robin with 3 rounds played on the natural green on Saturday and the final two rounds on the carpet on Sunday.

Men’s Pairs: Kevin Quinton/Norm Keyte were the winners and Barrie Hooper/Mike Kelly runners up.

16 teams entered and the top 8 qualified after the 3 rounds on a wet Saturday on the carpet green.

On Waitangi Day, the QF, SF and F were played. The 8th qualifiers, Kevin and Norm won after defeating the top qualifiers, Mark Pene and Barry Pryor in the QF; runners up Barrie and Mike were last minute entries to make up the 16 teams.

The closeness of the competition was illustrated by the fact that no team won 3 games in section play; the 2 top qualifiers had 2 wins and a draw each and both were eliminated in the QFs.

Men’s Fours: Noel Stevens, Phil Jones, Terry Cleaver and Colin Murphy were the winners and Doug Gregory, John Kerr, Cedric Laishong and Arthur Soper were runners up.

10 teams entered and played 3 rounds of section play on Sunday 5 February on the carpet green.

The four teams that qualified played the SF and F on Waitangi Day with the SFs in rain on the carpet and the Final in improving conditions late morning.

Noel Stevens’ team was the only team of the 32 that played in the 3 events over the weekend that won all their games - 5 in total in what was an impressive display of team bowls.

A big shout out to Terry Cleaver a Club Champion in his first year and to Colin Murphy who went from runner up in the fours in 2021-22 to champion this year.

Most of all a big thank you to all the participating members for your good natured acceptance of the trying conditions and getting on with playing in good spirits.

And, to Ray Mills: thank you Ray for getting all of us across the line with your great skill at allocating rinks, doing the draws and keeping the show on the road.

Without the carpet green we would not have completed any of these events!


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