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Getting down to business - Bowls3Five style

Sponsored by Leelee & Gower

Report by Club Captain, Norm Gore

This tournament started on the 3rd February and will run on Thursday evenings until 24 February. It is a successful and popular event and is a big hit with the players because of the format. Teams of 3 players compete over 2 sets of 5 ends (hence the 3Five).

We play one game each evening which takes about hour and a quarter. If a game is tied one set each the winner is determined by a one end tiebreaker. The power play (you can use this once a game) is the other exciting feature, where the team that scores on its power play doubles their score. A team can lose the first set without scoring any points, narrowly win the second set and the game with the tiebreaker. Many games go to tie breakers which creates a lot of fun.

An example of this is the High Rollers, a new team this season, who scored no points in the first set and none in the first two ends of the second set, one in the third end then in the power play double points for four and a one on the last end to win the set.

Then, in a thrilling extra end, taking it out with a toucher, they prevailed. That's the type of excitement it generates. A team is always in contention.

Points are awarded for winning a game (3), a set (1) and a drawn set (0.5). Points after the first two rounds are: Social 1 9 High Rollers 9 The Three Amigos 6 Chippies 5 Spare Parts 5 Rymanians 5 BTW 5 Sisters Before Misters 5 The Trons 4 Social 2 2 Bold Ove 2 Bolshey Ladies 2 Special thanks to club members for helping out to run three five and Bowls New Zealand for their support for this format to encourage people to play this wonderful game. Any enquires to Norm Gore 027 201 3965.

Editor's note: A big thanks also goes to Norm Gore for all his hard work in getting this fun event organised, as well as everything else he does for the club. Cheers Norm!


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